4 Reasons Why Women Choose a Labiaplasty

At the turn of the 21st century, cosmetic surgery for the labia wasn’t yet on the radar for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. By 2019, though, over 11,000 women were choosing labiaplasty to improve the appearance of their genitalia, which can become elongated and more prominent with time and childbirth.

Confidence builds from many sources, so if the appearance of your labia concerns you, or if there are physical problems associated with elongation, contact Diamond Surgical Institute. Dr. Roya Dardashti and her team are labiaplasty specialists, and they can help you recover a more youthful form.

What is labiaplasty?

You’re more likely to come across terms such as “vaginal rejuvenation” online, but labiaplasty refers to a specific procedure to alter the shape and size of the labia minora, the inner pair of lips outside the vagina. Other procedures billed as rejuvenating are non-surgical, and in some cases, the claims made by their creators aren’t supported by clinical research.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that typically balances the inner and outer labia. The inner pair tend to suffer more from the effects of living, creating the dissatisfaction that brings some women to consider surgery.

4 Reasons Why Women Choose a Labiaplasty

You may choose the procedure for functional or cosmetic reasons, or it could be a combination of both. Four of the most common motivators for labiaplasty include:

1.      Appearance

Elongation of the labia minora could be genetic or a product of aging, skin tone, or stretching from vaginal childbirth. While there’s no standard appearance for female genitals, what looks “right” to you could be based on when you were younger, or could even be just a personal preference for a certain appearance. The labiaplasty procedure is simple, with about one month of recovery time, though you’ll only need about three to seven days away from work if it isn’t strenuous.

2.      Comfort

If you live an active lifestyle, including bike riding, running, or similar activities, the extra tissue of elongated labia can interfere with motion, causing friction and irritation. Since activity becomes more important as you get older, choosing labiaplasty can help you stay comfortable while keeping fit.

3.      Confidence

Longer labia may shake your confidence during intimacy if you’re not comfortable with the way you look, and they may also affect the way you dress. Yoga pants, swimwear, and some other types of inner and outerwear may feel off limits because of the way your labia show through the clothing. Surgical correction relieves these worries, restoring confidence in your appearance.

4.      Sexual comfort

When your inner labia become longer, they may get in the way during intercourse, entering the vaginal canal upon penetration. This is perhaps the most medically necessary functional reason for labiaplasty, since this could result in irritation and tearing of the labial tissue. Surgery corrects this condition, keeping intimate times comfortable.

To find out more about labiaplasty and to schedule your consultation, contact Diamond Surgical Institute in Encino by phone at 818-528-2559 or by our online form.

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