Considering Liposuction? Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s nothing more frustrating than devoting yourself to weight loss through diet and exercise, only to be left with stubborn deposits of fat that cling to your body, interfering with your goals. Body fat is often guided by forces that are well beyond your scope of influence, which is where liposuction comes in. This fat reduction technique gives you the results you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

At Diamond Surgical Institute, Dr. Roya Dardashti and our team offer services designed to provide patients in Encino, California, with the tools they need to achieve their cosmetic goals. Whether you want to change the shape of your nose or reshape your body, we can help.

If you’re considering liposuction, here’s what you need to know.

The forces behind fat

To better understand why liposuction ranks in the top five cosmetic surgical procedures performed each year in the United States, it’s helpful to review what we’re up against. Many forces dictate where and how much fat your body stores, starting with simple biology.

When it comes to fat, gender makes a difference. For example, women are biologically wired to carry more fat around their reproductive organs, in areas like their:

Men, on the other hand, are hard-wired to store extra fat in their bellies alone.

And this biological drive is only magnified by age and hormones. If you’re a woman and you’ve passed through menopause, you quickly realize that the loss of hormones leads to stubborn belly fat. And as men age and slowly lose testosterone, lean muscle mass gives way to abdominal fat.

Genetics plays a role, too. The fact is that if your family has a propensity for large hips, the odds are that you will, too.

Liposuction — the ultimate solution

What makes liposuction so successful is that we can bypass these biological and genetic directives and tackle your stubborn fat directly. To do this, we go in through small incisions in your treatment area with specialized tools that loosen and suction out your fat. Before we begin, we ensure that you’re comfortable using local, general, or intravenous sedation.

After your procedure, which we typically perform on an outpatient basis, we send you home with complete aftercare instructions. We will likely supply you with a compression garment, which helps with swelling. We may also place drains that will eliminate any excess fluid or blood.

As your body recovers and your skin resettles itself over your slimmer form, you will see gradual results. You should expect some swelling so you need to be patient as your body heals, but your final results are well worth the wait.

And these great results are yours to maintain. While your body won’t create new fat cells to make up for the loss through liposuction, your existing fat cells can still increase in size so you need to keep up with a good diet and exercise regimen.

To get a leg up in your weight-loss efforts with liposuction, please contact us at (818) 528-2559 or schedule an appointment using our online booking tool.

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