Have You Heard of Liposuction 360?

Liposuction has long been among the most popular plastic surgery procedures, typically ranking second behind breast augmentation. It’s a body contouring technique that helps to reshape places on your body where fat accumulates, but also that targets areas resistant to diet and exercise. 

Dr. Roya Dardashti of Diamond Surgical Institute is a liposuction specialist who favors the contemporary liposuction 360 technique over traditional, single-area procedures. The latter is ideal if you have only one body contour complaint, but the reality is that many patients have more than one trouble spot. This is particularly true around the abdomen. 

Single-plane liposuction

It’s normal that, as you get older, your body stores fat in different ways than when you were younger. When you’re at or close to your optimal body weight, these pockets are usually subdermal fat, above muscle layers, so additional exercise to tone muscles in the problem areas produces no results. 

Conventional liposuction addresses fat deposits like these, reducing the number of fat cells in problem areas, using small incisions and a thin, hollow tool called a cannula. Strategic removal of fat reshapes the target area, and provided your weight remains stable, changes are usually permanent. 

Generally, traditional techniques worked on a single area. If you wanted to reshape fat deposits on your abdomen, back, and flanks, these would be performed separately or sequentially, one area at a time. 

Circumferential liposuction

Chances are that, if you’re seeking to reshape your tummy, it’s probably not the only area where you have problem fat stores. You may have love handles and pockets of fat on your back as well. Liposuction 360, as its name suggests, considers your body contouring goals from a circumferential perspective, around your entire midsection. 

Rather than treating each area individually, liposuction 360 looks at every component of your body in the waist and tummy area, blending fat removal for a harmonized result. Your natural curves are enhanced with a procedure that keeps balance and proportion front and center throughout your treatment. 

Combining procedures

As with any liposuction technique, liposuction 360 addresses only fat removal. It’s not a weight loss procedure, but a final body shaping step to optimize your aesthetic goals. If you have excess skin from previous weight loss, you can still choose liposuction 360, and you may opt for a tummy tuck as well to deal with this extra skin. 

Every cosmetic surgery is based upon your body, your needs, and your goals. The best way to visualize your optimal shape is to partner with Dr. Dardashti. She can advise you of the best way to achieve your ultimate contours, and liposuction 360 is a powerful approach for many of her patients. 

Contact Diamond Surgical Institute, by phone at 818-528-2559, or online, to set up your personal consultation. Take charge of your body shape with liposuction 360.

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