Tattoo Regret? We Can Help

Times, tastes, and relationships change, yet a tattoo is forever. At least it used to be. Many laser systems boast about their abilities to zap unwanted tattoos into history, but only if you have certain types of skin or tattoos with only particular colors of ink.

Diamond Surgical Institute in Encino, California chooses the PicoPlus® laser system from Lutronic Aesthetic for their patients who want tattoos removed. The secret to breaking up tattoo ink is high power delivered in short intervals, exactly what PicoPlus does. Dr. Roya Dardashti and her team stand by to help you with tattoo removal or any of the other aesthetic services in which they specialize.

The power of lasers

Laser and other light-based aesthetic treatments work their magic through the skin, the first characteristic that qualifies them as a tattoo removal treatment. Laser light penetrates the epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin, and reaches the middle layer, or dermis, where tattoo ink particles reside.

These particles are too big for your body to remove them naturally through the lymphatic system, though tattoo fading demonstrates that it’s possible for these inks to break down somewhat. Some colors of ink show greater permanence, resulting in the blue-green reminders of an old, faded black tattoo, while other inks disperse more quickly.

Smashing with light

The second characteristic that makes lasers a great cosmetic treatment system is their ability to transfer focused energy in the form of a single wavelength of light. Any substance that absorbs that light warms up, the same way you do during a day at the beach. However, instead of a broad spectrum like the sun delivers, the narrow band projected by a laser affects a similarly narrow range of substances.

The amount of energy with which a laser hits a particle of tattoo ink drives the energy transfer that heats and breaks up that particle into smaller portions. Conventional lasers pulse in the nanosecond range. While short, it’s still long enough that the output of the laser has limited power and may not be entirely effective. However, increasing the power could damage tissue surrounding the ink particles.

The PicoPlus difference

A picosecond is three orders of magnitude shorter than a nanosecond, one-trillionth of a second. The PicoPlus laser takes its name from this tiny measure of time. The short duration possible from the PicoPlus laser means that it can deliver more power to the ink particles, breaking these up with greater force, without affecting surrounding tissue.

Once shattered, your body takes over, flushing these smaller particles out of your body. Your tattoo starts to fade as this process progresses. Some people need several treatments, based on the colors and amount of inks used for their tattoos, so your results may vary.

Depending on the size of your tattoo, a PicoPlus treatment takes between 10 and 30 minutes. You’ll see results within five weeks of treatment, and you’re ready for additional sessions after that.

Contact Diamond Surgical Institute by phone at 818-528-2559 or book an appointment online to learn more about the possibilities of tattoo removal with the PicoPlus laser system.

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